Ofsted celebrates pupils’ excellent attitudes and enjoyment of learning at St. Vincent’s


This is a school where pupils know that they belong to a family. They feel safe and secure because they know that staff care about them.’ ‘Pupils behave well. Their behaviour is often exemplary.’ ‘Pupils enjoy coming to school. They know they are expected to work hard and behave well. They rise to these high expectations.’

These are just a few quotes from St. Vincent’s recent Ofsted report. The school received a two-day inspection in November and were very pleased to be told, ‘St Vincent De Paul Catholic Primary School continues to be a good school’. All staff, governors, parents and children have worked tirelessly to ensure that the school’s curriculum is broad, ambitious and prepares children for their future learning journeys. This was acknowledged by the inspector, who said, ‘Leaders have thought carefully about the curriculum in all subjects. They ensure that pupils’ learning builds in a logical manner on that of the previous year’. At St. Vincent’s we ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of all our children regardless of any disadvantage or additional need; this was recognised and celebrated during the inspection. Our children were delighted to hear that their hard work and excellent attitudes to learning had also been recognised in the Ofsted report with many positive comments including, ‘They develop excellent attitudes to learning as they move through the school. They are eager to do well, and they enjoy their learning. They are confident, polite and respectful. The school provides a wide range of activities and opportunities beyond the classroom.’

We were delighted that both the inspection and the report recognised what a fantastic community our school is: pupils, staff, governors and parents all work together to ensure our children are happy and confident learners. The reports states: ‘Teachers have strong subject knowledge.’ ‘Staff provide many experiences that enrich pupils’ life in school.’ Leaders work hard to involve parents and carers in their children’s education. Parents appreciate this and are full of praise for the school.’

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